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eastech electronics limited

Eeastech Electronics was founded in 2001, the company is based in the famous circle of Shenzhen Huaqiang North of electronic commerce, has a job in the electronic components industry for many years of experience, extensive network of resources, good professional ethics of professional personnel. Integrated circuit industry is committed to research and promotion, is a comprehensive competitive advantages of professional electronic components suppliers, the company operating the world's major brands IC products. Products are widely used military, industrial, civil (communication, monitoring security, digital products) in such diverse areas, to provide one-stop, full-service.

Eeastech people believe that integrity is the prerequisite for cooperation, quality and service are the reasons you chose Thailand billion.

Our main product brands: DALLAS, MAXIM, ON, ADI, ALTERA, PHILIPS, LINEAR, LT, XILINX, TI, JST,HIROSE,MOLEX,TYCO Electronics,KYOCERA,Nais etc. ....
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