Product Summary

The IPS521G is a fully protected five terminal high side switch with built in short circuit, over-temperature, ESD protection, inductive load capability and diagnostic feedback. The output current is controlled when it reaches Ilim value. The current limitation is activated until the thermal protection acts. The over-temperature protection turns off the high side switch if the junction temperature exceeds Tshutdown. A diagnostic pin is provided for status feedback of short-circuit, over-temperature and open load detection. The double level shifter circuitry allows large offsets between the logic ground and the load ground.


IPS521G absolute maximum ratings: (1)Vout Maximum output voltage: Vcc-50 to Vcc+0.3V; (2)Voffset Maximum logic ground to load ground offset: Vcc-50 to Vcc+0.3V; (3)Vin Maximum Input voltage: -0.3 to 5.5V; (4)Iin, max Maximum positive IN current: -5 to 10 mA; (5)Vdg Maximum diagnostic output voltage: -0.3 to 5.5 V; (6)Idg, max Maximum diagnostic output current: -1 to 10 mA; (7)Isd cont. Diode max. permanent current: 1.4A; (8)Isd pulsed Diode max. pulsed current: 10A; (9)ESD1 Electrostatic discharge voltage (Human Body): 4 kV; (10)ESD2 Electrostatic discharge voltage (Machine Model): 0.5 kV; (11)Pd Maximum power dissipation: 1 W; (12)Tj max. Max. storage & operating junction temp: -40 to +150℃; (13)Vcc max. Maximum Vcc voltage: 50 V.


IPS521G features: (1)Over temperature protection (with auto-restart); (2)Short-circuit protection (current limit); (3)Active clamp; (4)E.S.D protection; (5)Status feedback; (6)Open load detection; (7)Logic ground isolated from power ground.


IPS521G block diagram

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