Product Summary

The PTH05030WAS is a high current non-isolated power module from Texas Instruments. The PTH05030WAH is characterized by high efficiencies, and up to 30 A of output current, while occupying a mere 1.64 in2 of PCB area. In terms of cost, size, and performance, the series provides OEM’s with a flexible module that meets the requirements of the most complex and demanding mixed signal applications. The PTH05030WAS includes the most densly populated, multi-processor systems that incorporate high-speed DSP’s, microprocessors, and ASICs.


PTH05030WAS absolute maximum ratings: (1)Track Input Voltage Vtrack: -0.3 to Vin + 0.3 V; (2)Operating Temperature Range Ta Over Vin Range: -40 to 85℃; (3)Solder Reflow Temperature Treflow Surface temperature of module body or pins: 235℃; (4)Storage Temperature Ts: -40 to 125℃; (5)Mechanical Shock: 500 G’s; (6)Mechanical Vibration: 10 G’s; (7)Weight: 10grams.


PTH05030WAS features: (1)Up to 30 A Output Current; (2)5-V Input Voltage; (3)Wide-Output Voltage Adjust (0.8 V to 3.6 V); (4)180 W/in3 Power Density; (5)On/Off Inhibit; (6)Efficiencies up to 94 %; (7)Pre-Bias Startup; (8)Margin Up/Down Controls; (9)Under-Voltage Lockout; (10)Auto-Track Sequencing; (11)Output Over-Current Protection (Non-Latching, Auto-Reset); (12)Over-Temperature Protection; (13)Operating Temp: -40 to +85℃; (14)Safety Agency Approvals: UL 1950, CSA 22.2 950, EN60950 VDE (Pending); (15)Point-of-Load Alliance (POLA) Compatible.


PTH05030WAS block diagram

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Texas Instruments

DC/DC Converters 30A 5V-In Wide-Out Adj Plug-in Pwr Mdl

Data Sheet

0-20: $14.69
20-25: $13.76
25-50: $13.50
50-100: $12.32

Emerson / Astec Power

DC/DC Converters 4.5-5.5Vin 0.8-3.6V 30A

Data Sheet

0-80: $21.53
80-100: $17.77
100-125: $17.77